Weaving - Kirsti Huke

Weaving is the new album from Kirsti Huke, a singer/songwriter/composer from the ever-fertile Norwegian music scene. As with many of her contemporaries, Kirsti's music could be described as "genre-fluid", flowing across the dark end of pop, cooler jazz highlands, wide-open landscapes of anthemic stadium rock, through folk villages, beneath ambient clouds and through underground caverns of experimental electronica, eventually reaching vast oceans of the possible. 

Throughout the album, Kirsti's voice and lyricism are the entwined strands that guide us through this musical world created from Kirsti's own playing on the omnichord and harmonium, Gunnar Halle's trumpet, synths and voice,  and the unexpected pairing of two drummers, Erik Nylander and Wetle Holte (providing drums and percussion both acoustic and electronic). The arrangements often are minimal, but frequently erupt into powerful storms of melodic sound or blossom into lush and emotive orchestrations. 

The album's tracks carry unifying lyrical as well as musical themes, creating a song cycle (or "concept album" if you prefer). Themes of change, loneliness, friendship and sisterhood merge with larger concerns regarding the fate of an increasingly fragile planet and the brutal changes our activities have brought upon it. 

When "Weaving" premiered at Trondheim Jazz Festival, "Jazz in Norway" said: 

"Big, breathtaking and almost unreal. 'Weaving' moved from the fragile to the mighty, stopping by the primordial forces from and into the soul."