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Eberson - New Single - Strange Highway

"Strange Highway", the brand new single from Eberson, is inspired by David Lynch, ZZ Top, Miles Davis and Quincy Jones, but retains that clean and clear Eberson sound. 

Jon Eberson and Marte Eberson have together made the song that captures a chaotic drive along a mysterious and absurd highway.


Håkon Kornstad Trio - New Single - For You Alone

A new single, and it's the title track from the new album, due to land in August.

This is the trio's interpretation of a song by Geehl, made popular (as it has remained since) in versions by Enrico Caruso and Mario Lanza, among many others.



Steinmøysa NB - New Single - MURK

In 2019, the duo Steinmøysa NB brought in one of their musical heroes, Ståle Storløkken, for a collaboration project. This resulted in a concert at one of the main underground music venues in Oslo, Kafé Hærverk. Excerpts from this amazing concert have now precipitated the forthcoming album, ‘Arvark’, from which this slice of visceral improv is taken. The track sweats and drips with tension, emanating from darkness, an ominous glimpse of the void.



Maria Kannegaard Trio Win Norwegian Grammy!

Jazzland Artists on Tour

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