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New Album- Dear - Mikoo

With music that is contemplative, experimental, and expressive, Mikoo create their own genre of indie-jazz songcraft. They utilize the experimental to enhance, detail and move their songs forward, rather than simply have experimentation as an end in itself. The lyrics are somewhat off-the-wall, imbued with a dark absurdism, yet are filled with poignancy. From song to song, the moods shift along with the instrumentation, taking us through misty soundscapes one moment, then into off-kilter modern jazz, then into a world where folk sensibilities chart their course through an archipelago of avant garde, expressionist and experimental islands.



Shannon Mowday & Lila - New Album - The Land In-Between

Shannon Mowday, with her new project Lila, featuring Helge Lien, Johannes Eick, and Erik Nylander, presents their first album on Jazzland, "The Land In-Between". 

Featuring compositional frameworks that arch and dive, zig-zag and flow, the music can shift between moods in a heartbeat, or engage in prolonged meditations or driven explorations of a theme, all the while offering concrete melodic hooks for the listen to navigate by. Each musician in Lila is given plenty of scope to improvise, and the album features many powerful and inspired solo passages.



Håkon Kornstad - Double Single Release - Waking Arp & Bremen

"Waking Arp", and "Bremen" the new singles from Håkon Kornstad (if you're of the right age, think of it as a double A-side) represent his work over the course of the often eerie realities of 2020. During lockdowns and gig restrictions, Håkon live-streamed improvisational performances that he simultaneously recorded, amassing a cache of great material, thus turning adversity into productivity. "Waking Arp" carries a haunting, yet positive vibe, while "Bremen" has a shuffling quality of sublime cool. When life hands him lemons, Håkon gives back diamonds.

LISTEN | BUY - "Waking Arp"

LISTEN | BUY - "Bremen"

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