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Benjamin Mørk - New Single - Attover

The groundbreaking new mechanical piano-sound from Benjamin Mørk is showcased in this first single from his coming album Mechanical Piano, which will be out on Jazzland Recordings in 2020. 

The track is accompanied by a video (minidocu by Carl Christian Lein Størmer) which features a voice-over by Benjamin Mørk reflecting on the at times hazardous journey to finding your own artistic expression.


Brand New Single - Kalle - Dog Farm

Jazzland presents the new single from Kalle, "Dog Farm". Karl Nyberg's band sound like they have come through an interdimensional portal from an alternative Earth where 70s fusion became the backbone of hip-hop, with stumbling drunken beats, agitated prog guitar, and a thoroughly inebriated grandeur that carries a weirdly infectious barrage of ear-worm riffs through to a relatively chilled coda. Prepare for pleasurable pandemonium!


Brand New Album - The Letter - Shri

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE NOW! CD available from 27th February 2020. 

The award-winning bassist, composer, producer and arranger, Shri Sriram, releases a brand new solo album, ‘THE LETTER’, in 2020. Produced by the legendary Norwegian jazz pianist and composer, Bugge Wesseltoft, the album is released on Wesseltoft’s own label, Jazzland.



Also available from your favourite digital stores!

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