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Tortusa - New Single - Så Oss Altså Ikke

"Så Oss Altså Ikke" is the brand new single from Tortusa's forthcoming album, "Bre". Featuring Eivind Aarset, Tortusa's sampling and looping skills come to the fore, creating a moody slice of atmospheric hip hop coolness from diverse samples of Aarset's guitar playing and various field recordings made in Stavanger, Berlin and New York. Laid back beats, meandering 808 bass and melodic EBow guitar create the unique architecture of this transgenre soundtrip.



Beady Belle - New Single - Playing With Fire

“Playing with fire” is a groovy, danceable song with a powerful and catchy hook line going “higher and higher and higher...” Showing Beady Belle’s enormous range and skills as a singer, as well as a songwriter and producer. 
“Playing with fire” reflects a feeling of temptation. Everyone remembers playing with matches as a kid, and adults scolding us for doing so. Everyone knows the feeling, the excitement, of doing something a bit dangerous, something forbidden. As adults we know we must watch the fire. Be careful. Control it. But we also recognize the attraction of playing with the burning and the forbidden, the childlike excitement at the mesmerizing dance of flames. How close can we get before we get burned? And is it worth the risk?


Håkon Kornstad - New Album - Oslo (Out of the Loop Edition)

Håkon Kornstad, a shining jewel in the Jazzland roster, brings his unique skillset to the fore on "Out of the Loop", and album made up of new material and old material reinterpreted. Immaculately 
recorded by the late Jan Erik Kongshaug during a 2020 pandemic lockdown in Sofienberg Church in Oslo, the album carries the listener through many textures across its generous 16 tracks.



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