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RYMDEN - New Single - Söndan

Söndan takes a gentle trip through the nightsky, but not without its own unique angular turns and adjustments of the expected trajectories, charting its twinkling path to new worlds. Written by Dan Berglund, it hints – as its predecessor, the single Terminal One, did - of the expanded sonic tech and techniques that RYMDEN have brought to their forthcoming album, Space Sailors.


Juno - New Single - Jupiter

"Jupiter" is one of the first songs JUNO made, and with its acoustic sound it represents the very core of the band. The song takes on a turbulent love affair on the planet Jupiter, where emotions and thoughts are influenced by the untamed environment. Jealousy and frustration trigger the storm that brings the listener on a long journey; from melody and vocal improvisation moving through a chaotic soundscape with energetic accompaniment and cutting cluster sounds to party with double double vocals and trioform saxophone. The song finally lands in a brief and melodic ballad that finds the tranquility of finally leaving the planet. 

- Thea Ellingsen Grant


Sharqant - New Album - Sharqant

Sharqant release their eponymous debut on OKWorld Records!  

Founded by Manar Alhashemi, the group met with Knut Reiersrud and Håkon Kornstad in Bergen, and recorded over a two day session.  

The majority of songs are based on Egyptian, Iranian and Syrian texts and melodies, some of which are well-known standards in Arabic cultures. One track, "Kråkevise", is Norwegian, and another, "Friheten", is an ensemble improvisation. The group dynamics flow and unfold evenly, undulating rather than soaring and diving, working with tension and release in a fluid rather than solid angular way.  



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