Two - Tuva Halse Quintet

With a captivating atmosphere and dynamic interplay, the Tuva Halse Quintet draws you into their lyrical universe from the first note. The quintet consists of five exciting up-and-coming musicians on the Norwegian jazz scene, known from various projects such as Bento Box Trio, Bliss Quintet and I LIKE TO SLEEP. Rooted in Nordic jazz, the quintet draws inspiration from musicians such as Mathias Eick, Adam Baldych and Helge Lien. The music is based on violinist Tuva Halse's compositions, which in their melodious character range from the melancholic and sentimental to the intense and insistent. The results are distinctive and expressive evocations in a universe full of contrasts. 

"The album 'Two' consists of nine compositions I wrote over the past year and recorded in two sessions (18 Aug & 16 Dec) at Musikkloftet in Asker with Vidar Lunden. The theme throughout the album is relationships. I believe that, as a human being, one is undeniably connected to another - we exist through each other, and we are dependent on having someone to mirror ourselves in order to understand ourselves. In this sense it is impossible to be alone - always two - hence the album title. The various songs on the album are linked in different ways to this theme, and through the compositions I try to encompass everything from platonic and romantic relationships to loneliness and ambivalence. Several of the compositions are also very personal and dedicated to specific people who are important to me and my own understanding of myself. Throughout the album there are a lot of existential thoughts and emotions underpinning this album. My vision is that these should be expressed through the music and that the music has imparted something to the listener." 

- Tuva Halse