Theater Tilters Vol.1 - Atomic

Jazzland Recordings is proud to present another serving of great music from the unstoppable force that is Atomic. 

Taken from Live recordings at Teater Lederman in Stockholm in October 2009, the recordings presented on "Theater Tilters Vol.1" are fresh and vibrant, brimming over with the kind of energy and spontaneity that has made Atomic one of the key acoustic Jazz ensembles in Europe today. 

Compositional chores take a 60/40 split between Ljungkvist and Wiik respectively, but the album remains pure Atomic. 

Set opener, "Green Mill Tilter", comes in like the outbreak of a riot, rapidly reorganizes into an urban fanfare, and then meanders thoughtfully though the debris before further sonic riotousness breaks out in sporadic bursts, assembling and deconstructing itself in equal measure. A swinging near-funkiness brings in the final third and a great solo by Fredrik Ljungkvist. 

"Andersonville" abounds with ghosts, bonerattling and chittering, shuffling grooves, suggestions of horror and chaos, and ultimately a strong resolve to meet its own end, with superb soloing from Magnus Broo. 

"Fissures" brings the energy level up a few more notches, charging in relentlessly, determined to get to where it's going and nothing that gets in the way will stand a chance; yet it suddenly punctuates itself with carefully structured contemplation, gradually building to a return to the grinding opening. 

"Murmansk" features a beautiful solo intro by Fredrik Ljungkvist that comprises the first third of the piece. He is joined by the others, each tentatively stepping in, slowly building, giving way to a superb solo by Paal Nilssen-Love, both subdued and technically satisfying. 

"Bop About" (first appearing on The Bikini Tapes) does exactly what it promises. The piece carries itself as though it is a soundtrack to a silent comedy, but one charged with a definitely urban - and urbane - perspective. Fearless and uncompromising, listeners can be left in no doubt that Atomic can and will go anywhere their muse takes them. 

Atomic continue, unchained and energized as ever, to produce another classic album. Long may their combustible soundworld reign supreme! 

Supported by Fond For Lyd Og Bilde