Somewhere in Between - Bugge Wesseltoft

20 YEARS! Passing like a blink ... yet, looking back, memories are slowly recaptured and become vivid. 

Music, people, places, tastes and smells. Since I was a kid I have always been searching for the links between changes, style and sound. Most of my projects these past 20 years have been about that. Exploring for inspiration, growth and understanding. 

New Conception of Jazz: 12 years of work starting to fuse my jazz background with newly discovered electronic clubmusic. Endresen/Wesseltoft: Working my way  into the musical world of Sidsel Endresen. What a journey! OkWorld!: about inspiration from other musical sources. World music. A lovely place to be. Bugge and Friends: Mixing great artists and friends from different worlds. Kraggerud/Wesseltoft: both of us wanted to improvise with classical and folk music. Wesseltoft/Schwarz: Learning from a master in electronic music. 

This album reflects some of those searches and the meetings along the way. My ultimate goal is that you can hear the deeper connections in the musical variations. 

I would like to express my gratitude to my family, best there is; and my musical family, musicians, artists, music relations and all of the other amazing people who have expanded my knowledge and awareness. Thank you for contributing and making my life so meaningful and rich. Music has no borders! 

Bugge Wesseltoft 2016