Samaya - Harpreet Bansal

With Samaya, her second Jazzland release, Harpreet Bansal brings creativity and passion, stylistic focus and intensity, and a mastery of multiple traditions and the perfect blending of them. 

Featuring an expanded group, the original members of Bansal Trio are present (Vojtěch Procházka (harmonium) and Andreas Bratlie (table, percussion, voice), and are joined by Adrian Fiskum Myhr (bass) and Javid Afsari Rad (santur), as well as guest appearances by Nils-Olav Johansen (guitar, voice, percussion, samples) and Sanskriti Shrestha (table). The expanded sonic palette is an exciting change, but one that never overcrowds the music itself, instead affording luxurious variation, textures, and a fuller harmonic soundscape for the melodies and improvisations to travel. 

The album contains 6 extended pieces, three of which are credited to the entire band as well as Harpreet herself, two of which are co-compositions between Harpreet and guest Nils-Olav Johansen, and the piece "Main khayal hoon" is composed by Indian fusion pioneer, Harihanan. 

Each piece on the album explores different moods, often creating sub-variations within themselves, and seamlessly incorporates diverse elements from equally diverse musical traditions. The results are a set of individual musical experiences that are rich and vivid, yet free of generic constraints. However, the unquestionable authenticity of tonal choices and techniques means that this is no mere pastiche: it is an organic, living, breathing music, filled with joy, passion, life.