roots - Miriam Kibakaya Concept

Strong, quirky melodies and rhythms that make you want to move are the musical center of the compositions written by vocalist, Miriam Kibakaya. The sextet, which was formed at the conservatory for jazz in Trondheim, experiments with the musical dialect found in the Nordic expression of jazz and with elements from the modern jazz genre. 

Together they introduce us to a colourful palette of sounds and melodies where there is room for that which is delicate, light-hearted as well as that which is sombre and commands attention. 

Since they came together in 2019, the band has played at a fair amount of notable jazz clubs and festivals in Norway, and have become known for their atmospheric and distinct sound. The musical influences behind the compositions stretches from Ola Kvernberg and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra on the one side to Ben Wendel and his trio ACT on the other end. 

Miriam Kibakaya (b.97) is a jazz singer from Trondheim with roots from Norway and Tanzania. Her debut album holds titles such as «Porcelain girl», «As long as I shall live» and «So this is love?» hinting that parallel to the musical expression there is also a wordless story being told. «roots» is defined by the feeling of nostalgia and longing. 

Most of all, the compositions attempt to find a way to describe our complex inner world. 

Miriam describes the process behind writing the tunes like trying to catch a nameless scent that holds the power to bring you to a place you thought you had forgotten. 

Recorded in Øra Studio by Jo Ranheim, mixed by Kyrre Laastad and mastered by Karl Klaseie