RÖK - Farvel

Jazzland Recordings and Bugge Wesseltoft proudly presents Farvel (previously Isabel Sörling Farvel) and their 2nd album 'RÖK' - a follow up to the critically acclaimed debut album 'Isabel Sörling Farvel'. 

RÖK is the first album in a brand new Jazzland Series, featuring new, high quality, modern Nordic jazz music. In this series we find, among other things, the acclaimed band Atomic. 

Farvel has just celebrated the release with a tour of eleven concerts in Germany, France, Sweden, Norway and Denmark which, among other things, visited the Sunset Jazz Club (27/1, Paris), Nefertiti Jazz club (31/1, Gothenburg) and Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene (Oslo, 6/2). 

Farvel began their career in 2010 by winning the Young Nordic Jazz Comets and has also been awarded with the prestigious prize 'Jazzkatten - Newcomer of the Year 2012', from the Swedish National Radio, as a result of their critically acclaimed debut album "Isabel Sörling Farvel". They have played countless times on radio and appeared live on stages across Europe. Their collaboration with Jazzland Recordings began in 2012 when Bugge Wesseltoft 'discovered' the band at Umeå Jazz Festival. 

Jazzland Recordings is by its founder and devoted leader Bugge Wesseltoft one of Scandinavia's most influential record label when it comes to jazz music and works except with Farvel also with artists such as Atomic, Audun Kleive, Sidsel Endresen, Håkon Kornstad, Jon Balke, Motif, etc. 


Isabel Sörling, voice 

Kim Aksnes, trumpet 

Otis Sandsjö, tenor saxofon, clarinet 

Henrik Magnusson, piano 

Alfred Lorinius, double bass 

Carl-Johan Groth, drums