Punkt Live Remixes Vol.1 - Punkt


THE dual-concept music festival that has been tearing up the rulebooks since 2005 in Kristiansand, Norway: performance meets remix, stage meets studio. Where jazz blurred the boundaries between rehearsal and performance, Punkt blurs the boundaries between performance, recording and mixing. "Normal" concerts happen on stage 1, and are simultaneously remixed live on stage 2. And the live performances are not just limited to jazz: Punkt has involved the entire spectrum of modern and classical styles - if it's good music, it's welcomed as a friend. And for good measure, visual improvisation is often added to this electric sensory intermixture. Other projects claim to be innovative; the Punkt festival is undiluted innovation. 

The Live Remix concept 

The multi-channel sound from the Punkt Festival Main Stage is transferred live to a small stage/studio environment called The Alpha Room, which is open to the public during the festival. In this intimate setting, the music is immediately remixed by acclaimed musicians, producers and remixers. 

Punkt Live Remixes vol. 1 

The album Punkt Live Remixes vol. 1 consists of two of these Live Remixes from the Punkt Festival: 

- Sidsel Endresen / Jan Bang / Erik Honoré's Live Remix of the concert by British band Sweet Billy Pilgrim (from the Punkt 07 festival - www.myspace.com/sweetbillypilgrim) 

- Jon Hassell / Audun Kleive / Jan Bang / Erik Honoré's Live Remix of the Merriwinkle concert (from the Punkt 05 festival). 

The Musicians 

Singer Sidsel Endresen, the First Lady of Norwegian improvised music and a Jazzland Figurehead: a unique voice seemingly capable of the impossible, and a powerful presence - the very definition of charismatic. In addition to extensive touring across the world, she has released a string of acclaimed recordings, both solo and collaborative. 

Legendary trumpet player and composer Jon Hassell: influential pioneer of digital transformation and sampling, creating what he has coined "Fourth World" music - a unique blend which describes as "worldly music" to underline a more subtle equation at work and discourage the simplistic labeling of "world," "jazz," "classical," "minimal," or "ambient". 

Endresen and Hassell were joined in these Live Remixes by acclaimed Norwegian percussionist Audun Kleive and Punkt artistic directors Jan Bang and Erik Honoré (live sampling, electronics). Bang and Honoré also produced the album. 

Cover Design 

The artwork for Punkt Live Remixes vol. 1 was created by musician/visual artist Russell Mills, who was in the audience at the Endresen / Bang / Honoré Live Remix in 2007. Mills is known both for his paintings and installations, and for his album cover art and collaborations with artists like Brian Eno, David Sylvian and Nine Inch Nails. The cover design was completed by Nina Birkeland and Alf Solbakken, based on Russell Mills' artwork.