Nådeslås - Maria Kannegaard solorkester

Maria Kannegaard releases her first album in 6 years, "Nådeslås" is the title of this vinyl. 

The music was written and recorded in a difficult period in Maria's life and tells of her struggle with life while maintaining this musical process. 

Maria: "During this time I bought many different instruments from around the world and formed an orchestra where I myself was the orchestra. When I played, I moved into new musical landscapes with a different character than before. This is music from the inside and out of how I felt it was to be there every now and then. I usually started with a musical idea, and then I developed it further using various instrument combinations. Music is, and also more especially during this period, essential to me. "Nådeslås" is a personal musical imprint of a time that fortunately is over, but it is very important to me that I created this music". 

Maria Kannegaard is one of the most musical people I know. She has an indomitable belief in love as energy through music. Maria is now working with her amazing trio again. The band performed newly written music with great success at Trondheim Jazzfest recently. It's joyful! 

Bugge Wesseltoft