Moving - Bugge Wesseltoft

"Moving" is a perfect document of Bugge's new world order of jazz, ripping up the standards, and effortlessly taking the listener on a daring musical journey where melody and groove, soundscape and soul all come together, crossing over where others have tried, but failed. Be there, one foot on the dance floor - the other in the stratosphere! 

Moving was performed by the band live in the studio after two years of touring across Europe. It's based on the natural empathy that has developed in the band, tapping into the intuitive and leaving the limitations of rationality far behind in an ever changing mosaic of musical colours. 'All the music is of the moment,' explains Wesseltoft. 'Maybe that's why it has that edge, music that is developed on the spot. "Change" and "Yellow is the Colour" have simple melodic forms, while "Gare du Nord," "Lone," "Moving" and "Heim" are just moods we created on the spot. All of us together in the same room, playing live, gave us that communication we have on stage and so we could develop and improvise forms on the spot. Jazz music, if you ask me!' 

Bugge Wesseltoft - Fender Rhodes, Grand Piano, Programming, Voice & Samples 
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten - Acoustic & Electronic Bass 
Anders Engen - Drums 
Jonas Lönnå - Programming & Vinyl Effects 
Paolo Vinaccia - Percussion 
Marius Reksjø - Acoustic Bass 
Håkon Kornstad - Tenor Sax