Freespace - Lyder Røed Featuring OJKOS

Lyder Røed (Fieh, Lyder Røed kvintett, Bangkok Lingo, Slow is the new fast etc) has over a longer period, worked on his solo project “Freespace”. The music was written as an ordered piece by Østnorsk Jazzsenter for OJKOS (Orchestra for Jazz Composers in Oslo). It has become a project where he playfully around with musical references.

Røed has been a member of the band Fieh for the last seven years. In the solo project «Freespace» he has brought with him several members from that band and incorporated elements from Fiehs Music. Together with the big band of OJKOS, an alternative orchestral pop music emerges. In contrast to Røeds former releases (Lyder Røed quintet, Bangkok Lingo, Slow is the new fast), he moves further away from the jazz tradition, and combines elements from different genres which has been of great importance to him. This is a pop record that plays with genres and directions.

The band, consisting of 16 persons moves seamlessly through Lyders compositions, and Sofie Tollefsbøl flows on top with her distinctive vocal and text. Producer Lars Horntveth (Jaga Jazzist, Susanne Sundfør and more) has also had a major influence on the record. Both in terms of sound and arrangement. He has been a great supporter of the project.
This release clearly marks where Røed stand as both composer and musician at the Norwegian music scene today.


Sofie Tollefsbøl – Lyrics and vocals (Fieh)
Jørgen Kasbo – Guitar (Fieh)
Edvard Synnes – Keys (Fieh)
Ola Øverby – Drums (Fieh)
Lyder Øvreås Røed – Trumpet and composition (Fieh, Ojkos)
Richard Köster – Trumpet
Tancred Heyerdahl Husø – Trumpet
Magnus Murphy Joelson – Trombone
Johannes Fosse Solvang – Trombone
Andreas Rotevatn – Trombone, EFX
Henriette Eilertsen – Flute
Camilla Hole – Saxophones and clarinet
Tina Lægreid Olsen – Saxophones and clarinets
Arne Martin Nybo – Guitar
Alexander Hoholm – Bass
Knut Kvifte Nesheim – Vibraphone

Producer: Lars Horntveth
Technician and mixing: Marcus Forsgren
Mastering: George Tanderø