Eanan Gamáda/Earth Shaking - Tundra Electro

The TUNDRA ELECTRO quartet combines the traditional vocal style of the Sami people with electronica, improvisational music and elements of Indian classic music. Tundra Electro was started in 2016 by the Sami yoiker/vocalist Ingá-Máret Gaup-Juuso and the Norwegian musician/composer Patrick Shaw Iversen. The formation of the group came after working together in various projects since 2007, touring extensively through Asia and the far north of Scandinavia. With Tundra Electro they have developed a unique blend of music combining the traditional vocal style of the Sami people with electronica, improvisational music and elements of Indian classic music. All the music is written by Patrick Shaw Iversen while the vocals are a combination of ancient yoiks more than a 100 years old and new yoiks and texts written by Ingá-Máret Gaup-Juuso. 

The album Eanan Gamáda/Earth Shaking is their first album and will be released on Bugge Wesseltofts 
renowned label OK World Rec/Jazzland in February 2020. 

Ingá-Máret Gaup-Juuso – (yoik/vocal) – has established herself as an important voice in the new wave of young Sami artists with her powerful vocal style. Coming from the borderland between the far north of Finland and Norway, she grew up in a family with strong vocal traditions and, as her family has done for generations, also works as a reindeer-herder when she is not touring with her concerts. The life on the tundra, the vast open spaces, the reindeer herds and her Sami heritage are some of the most important 
sources of inspiration for her work with music. 

In Tundra Electro she combines Sami vocal traditions from more than 100 years ago with modern music styles such as electronica, improvisational music and elements of Indian classical music. She is adamant about her work keeping the old Sami traditions and language alive and recently received the Finnish Larin Paraske Award 2016 for her work with Sami vocal traditions. 

Patrick Shaw Iversen – (Contrabass-flute, bass-flute, alto-flute, c-flute, electronics) – is musician/composer/producer He has been playing the flute since the age of nine and is one of the few flutists in Norway working with jazz and improvised music. Coming from a classical background studying for 6 years with principal flautist Olav Hox from the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, his interest for jazz and improvised music was sparked already in the early seventies. But feeling the urge to further expand and develop his direction as a flutist made him turn towards his newly found interest in the flute-music of western Java in order to incorporate a different way of musical thinking in terms of time, movement, phrasing and ornamentation into his own style of playing. 

Combining this with his interest in electronics and live sampling, his new work with the contrabass-flute and his efforts to develop a different and modern sound for the flute, has given him a unique style as a true innovator of his instrument. He is part of the Indonesian musician collective “SambaSunda” in West-Java/Indonesia where he composes and produces collaboration projects between Indonesian gamelan musicians and Norwegian jazz/electronica musicians. He has worked with musicians like Nils Petter Molvær, Sidsel Endresen, Bugge Wesseltoft, Inga Juuso, Ståle Storløkken, Torgrim Sollid and has toured through-out the world since 1977. He has composed numerous scores for theatre, film and dance productions, been commissioned for several festivals and released and participated on numerous CD productions. 

Harpreet Bansal – (violin) - was trained from childhood in western classical music and by her father, Harbhajan S. Bansal, in Indian classical music. In 1999 she began her studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music (NAM) with the professors Ørnulf Boye Hansen and Harald Aadland. After graduating in 2003, Harpreet subsequently was accepted as a student of Ustad Ashraf Sharif Khan Poonchwalas, one of his generation´s most prominent sitar players, who has since been her main tutor. She has also had long periods under the supervision of Dr. L. Subramaniam, today´s premier Indian violinist. For several years Harpreet focused mainly on classical Indian music-performance and freelancing before returning to the NAM in 2007 for her master´s degree in performance and research. Harpreet has collaborated with some of Indian music´s finest performers, such as Ustad Sharif Khan, Tariq Khan, Sukhvinder Singh Namdari, Shabaz Hossein, and Rafaqat Ali Khan. She equally embraces the finest of the Norwegian music scene and has worked with some of the 
country’s foremost musicians in the folk and jazz genres such as Trygve Seim, Unni Løvlid, Poing, The Source, Per Oddvar Johansen, Stian Carstensen, Nils Olav Johansen, Ingebjørg Bratland, Steinar Ofsdal, and Morten Halle. 

Kenneth Ekornes – (drums/percussion/electronics) - born in Sykkylven in 1974 and studied percussion at the University of Agder, Kristiansand. Kenneth has the last two decades been one of Norway’s most attractive freelance drummers and percussionists. His great versatility and expertise has made him very attractive in several genres and in a variety of bands and line-ups. In addition, he has been a regular member of Mari Boine Band, Desafinado, Trio De Janeiro and Gumbo. Kenneth is known for his personal expressions within multi-ethnical music and extensive use of electronics. Rikskonsertene have been an important source of work for many years and he has visited numerous Norwegian schools with several concert productions. Particularly his solo performance «Ekornes in 100!». Kenneth has been member of The Brazz Brothers since 2009.