Coming Home - Come Shine


Come Shine has always been about making something easy really difficult, and then searching, experimenting and playing their way into something new and better. This band is forever chasing the elusive magic moment. Their ability to always spark a creative renewal, rendering a rebirth of every jazz standard they choose to play; these are key reasons as to why this quartet has stayed together in their lively musical playground for more than two decades.

A band so tightly woven together musically that once the four individualists meet, they breathe like one organism. A band that allows for a shared, deep and continuous musical conversation with the audience. A band that through intense concentration and extraordinary skills makes every concert new and fresh, that makes first-timers and seasoned jazz enthusiasts alike break into tears and wows of wonder. The continuous growth of each musician is amplified by the dynamic created between the four. Both an individual and a parallel musical development has been taking place in the span of these two decades.


When hearing a Come Shine tune, the listener cannot help but be struck by how they never ever settle for an easy solution. Their drive and ability to always challenge the chosen path, to always push the music forward, is fascinating. The soundscape gets richer, warmer, more raw, increasingly complex and slightly more uncompromising on every album.

Every concert is unique, a secret shared by the band and the people attending. Come Shine is a unit where the magic truly happens in the interaction with the audience. To be able to present the music to someone, to make a connection with each audience member, motivates and pushes the concentration and deliverance to the max for this quartet. Always chasing the moment, using the on-stage playground as a free space, allows for a safe, fun and ever changing musical expression.

A close-knit musical unit with a unique playful soundscape, each individual musician is an equilibrist on their respective instrument, allowing themselves to dive deep into the music, into the microcosmos of their individual instruments, to get it just right.

This quartet has no musical scruples when tearing a standard song apart, yet they reconstruct it in a crazily respectful manner that is just right. Identifying the DNA of the song, pulling elements out of it that nobody else really notices. It is done in the most intelligent and musically sensitive way. The flexibility, the close familiarity and the agile playfulness these musicians allow each other are distinctly identifiable throughout their entire musical catalogue.

There is a distinct Come Shine sound. It is just like that old friend who is always full of surprises. Come Shine is always on the hunt for a new way into an old song, finding small keys to unlock big doors. Like a fine, subtle embroidery, their sound develops from a small melodic theme, suddenly unfolding into a gorgeous and spectacular flower. It is done intuitively, playing their way towards the final result, leaving little gemstones for the listener to find and cherish.

Oslo, July 2020 | Kirsti Svenning