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A New Single on a Brand New Label!


"Satellite Sister" - the new single from Dai Fujikura & Jan Bang

 "Satellite Sister" is a ruminative piece built around implied repetition and counterpoint of melodic phrasing, featuring the expressive trumpet playing of Arve Henriksen as its leading voice. “Satellite Sister” is taken from the forthcoming album "The Bow Maker", the first album release from Punkt Editions.


Lauritz Skeidsvoll | Quite A View - New Album - Ocean Currents

"In the project "Quite a View", meditative drones and powerful, expressive melodies meet in open and sonorous landscapes. In collaboration with researcher on acoustics at the Norwegian Polar Institute, Heidi Ahonen, I have worked on using sound recordings from below the sea surface. These recordings are sound recordings made by researchers and contain both sounds from a wide variety of wildlife, ice and masses in motion, and - not least - human activity that creates noise." 

Lauritz Skeidsvoll 



BangBang Watergun! - New Album - Colors

BangBang Watergun! is an innovative indie band of 5 young musicians loaded with playful expression and influences from hip-hop, jazz and rock, creating a completely unique sound.

¡BangBang Watergun! launch their thesis on what 2020s funk can and should be, with fuzz guitar, spacy synth, choppy clavi, driving drums and bass, all topped with luscious vocals. A true feelgood dance stimulant with a double side order of groove. Bring on the summer!


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