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Beady Belle - New Album - Nothing But The Truth

Funky soul backbeats, irresistible grooves, timeless electronic elements, angelic harmonies and that perfect voice delivering emotional lyrics with absolute sincerity: it can only be Beady Belle.





Neon Ion - New Single - Wildfire

Wildfire was the first song written after the Heart Echoes album. It felt like a natural extension of the previous album's expression, and collaboration with Erlend Mokkelbost and Ivan Blomqvist. A song about being afraid of growing up. Being afraid to leave yourself. 

- I see my friends growing up, buying houses, having children, all adults and happy, while I continue to chase this uncertain dream. 

A delightful club beat opens the song and Neon's vocals soar through the dreamy song.


Tìle (Øyonn Groven Myhren/Sidiki Camara/Olav Torget) - New Album on OKWorld - Tìle

Tìle have a classic, yet modern and heart warming sound. Their blend of traditional and modern approaches seems completely effortless and natural. The roots are deep, the musical presence captivating and creative. The music is meditative, playful, poetic, and dramatic. Take your time to listen! 
TÌLE is a new group of tree very accomplished musicians in the traditional and world music scene. Their eponymous debut album is a truly collaborative one. Tìle means ‘sun’ or ‘day' in Malian and 'solid floorboards' or 'dancing floor' in Norwegian. Tìle (or Thule) is also an ancient name for a land far north, were the sun in summer never sets.


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