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Natalie Sandtorv - Brand New Single - Portman

"Portman", Natalie Sandtorv's debut single for Jazzland Rec, is driving soul pop with its roots in RnB and hip-hop and its branches brushing with glassy ambience, spiritual and cosmic jazz, and the ghosts of Paisley Park. Natalie's distinctive vocals dance and weave together words and melody in a perfect silky sheen that is utterly irresistible.


Mosambique - Brand New Album - Big City Moves

The Brand new album from Mosambique, high octane jazzfunk for the feet and the brain. Loaded with enough energy to power a city indefinitely, and enough chops, chills, thrills and spills to send you spinning through their melodic universe, Mosambique grab their grooves and run with them.



Finity - New Album - We Are The Granddaughters of The Witches You Didn't Burn

Young powerhouse Finity present their Jazzland debut "We Are The Granddaughters of The Witches You Didn't Burn", a sometimes fractured, often fractious, ball-busting high octane mix of musical styles and genres. This is jazz from the cosmos colliding with pre-internet postmodernism and an anticipated post-internet social decimation where the good guys won. Best listened to LOUD with a fist thrust in the air.


18.mars - Oslo, Kafé Hærverk 

19.mars - Bergen, Landmark 

21.mars - Molde, Storyville 

22.mars - Trondheim, Lokal Bar


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