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Steinmøysa NB - New Single - MURK

In 2019, the duo Steinmøysa NB brought in one of their musical heroes, Ståle Storløkken, for a collaboration project. This resulted in a concert at one of the main underground music venues in Oslo, Kafé Hærverk. Excerpts from this amazing concert have now precipitated the forthcoming album, ‘Arvark’, from which this slice of visceral improv is taken. The track sweats and drips with tension, emanating from darkness, an ominous glimpse of the void.



Dark Roast - New Album - Going Back, Moving Up!

Dark Roast groove, jump, bump, grind, swagger, rant, rave, chant, move and shake through 14 solid gold tracks on their Jazzland debut album, "Going Back, Moving Up!" With beats that take possession of your feet, bass lines that know what getting down and dirty really means, funky guitars that fill the hole in your soul, keys that summon the spirits of not just the good times but the best times, vocals that invoke angels and demons, brass lines that glint and gleam in eternal sunshine or husky dusky neon dust, they lay down infectious melodies laden with funk-soul treasures in an abundance that would turn a billionaire's head.




New Single - Cold War - Neon Ion

"Cold War" has a mellow groove and an irresistible chorus, yet is underpinned by an unspoken tension to match the lyrics, an account of a relationship that has become all-picture-no-sound, a union of silence and conflict with neither party prepared to make a move towards resolution. Infectious, with a punchy vocal delivery, this is another prime cut from the unstoppable force that is Neon Ion.


Maria Kannegaard Trio Win Norwegian Grammy!

Jazzland Artists on Tour

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