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Lauritz Skeidsvoll | Quite A View - New Single - Underwater Currents Pt. 2

"In the project "Quite a View", meditative drones and powerful, expressive melodies meet in open and sonorous landscapes. In collaboration with researcher on acoustics at the Norwegian Polar Institute, Heidi Ahonen, I have worked on using sound recordings from below the sea surface. These recordings are sound recordings made by researchers and contain both sounds from a wide variety of wildlife, ice and masses in motion, and - not least - human activity that creates noise." 

Lauritz Skeidsvoll 

Taken from the forthcoming album "Ocean Currents"


Beady Belle - New Album - Nothing But The Truth

Funky soul backbeats, irresistible grooves, timeless electronic elements, angelic harmonies and that perfect voice delivering emotional lyrics with absolute sincerity: it can only be Beady Belle.





Neon Ion - New Single - Wildfire

Wildfire was the first song written after the Heart Echoes album. It felt like a natural extension of the previous album's expression, and collaboration with Erlend Mokkelbost and Ivan Blomqvist. A song about being afraid of growing up. Being afraid to leave yourself. 

- I see my friends growing up, buying houses, having children, all adults and happy, while I continue to chase this uncertain dream. 

A delightful club beat opens the song and Neon's vocals soar through the dreamy song.


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