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Steinmøysa NB - New Single - ROK

In 2019, the duo Steinmøysa NB brought in one of their musical heroes, Ståle Storløkken, for a collaboration project. This resulted in a concert at one of the main underground music venues in Oslo, Kafé Hærverk. Excerpts from this amazing concert have now precipitated the forthcoming album, ‘Arvark’, from which this slice of visceral improv is taken. Uncompromising, stark, imposing, uncategorisable, ominous, exuberant.



Why Kai - New Single - Pling

The Jazzland debut single from WHY KAI is "Pling", a slice of lo-fi mood, chilled, yet filled with glowing warmth and quirky charms. WHY KAI is Kai von der Lippe, a musician blending electronics, acoustic sound and field recordings, and creator of a multimedia experience show. "Pling" comes from the forthcoming "Deep Fishing EP"


Tortusa - New Single - Ubeveglige

"Ubeveglige" is the brand new single from Tortusa's forthcoming album, "Bre". Featuring Arve Henriksen, this is an ambient journey, abstract, atmospheric, yet underpinned by a relentless chittering beat. Evocative of nature, like a forest observed from space, "Ubeveglige" is infused with both a certain heated wildness and a cool cosmic detachment. Unmissable!



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