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Bugge Wesseltoft - New Single - Roads

"Roads", the first track from Bugge's upcoming new album, presents us with peace within company, an understated dialogue with the great Håkon Kornstad, a musical soundtrack for watching the world hustling and bustling, or sleeping its way towards a new day.


Neon Ion - New Single - 4 Leaf Clover

Late one night at a party, Neon Ion, Lars Horntveth (from Jaga Jazzist), and Erlend Mokkelbost were hanging out. One of those moments happened when Neon asked "Why haven't we worked together yet???" Next thing, they were in the studio working on this: 4 Leaf Clover. The combination was as special as hoped (expected?) and brought its own blend of soul and groove from the verse into a mellow pop chorus. 
It explores the notion of finding a soulmate being like finding a 4 leaf clover in a field, that lone unlikely chance. And could  the finding of that person be more than a matter of luck, and that person carries luck with them, or something special and unique that you've always needed? Time away from this person is time wasted. Yeah, there's a bit of obsession here, that addiction to love, or the idea of it, or maybe just an addiction to the actual person. It's a bit scary, for all parties involved. But if that person  returns those feelings, you certainly aren't crazy: they ARE the ONE. Here, our female narrator is the pursuer, the instigator, the power that courses through the song - it's a perspective that needs more outings in the world. 

The song has its own flow, half-rapped half-sung simultaneously, delivering the tale of this 4 Leaf Clover with sass and panache.


Johan Lindvall Trio - New Album - This Is Not About You

With THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU, the Johan Lindvall Trio continues its work within the jazz tradition. The dream continues. What does it really mean to dream of jazz? Yes, it may be a bit about nostalgia or about finding a kind of personal doorway into a tradition. Because even though the concept can be questioned, jazz exists, lives and develops.



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