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New album - Kirsti Huke - Weaving

Weaving is the new album from Kirsti Huke, a singer/songwriter/composer from the ever-fertile Norwegian music scene. As with many of her contemporaries, Kirsti's music could be described as "genre-fluid", flowing across the dark end of pop, cooler jazz highlands, wide-open landscapes of anthemic stadium rock, through folk villages, beneath ambient clouds and through underground caverns of experimental electronica, eventually reaching vast oceans of the possible. 



New Album - Heart Echoes - Neon Ion

Neon Ion, award-winning vocalist Natalie Sandtorv's new project, blazes its trail from the heart of the ever-dynamic Norwegian music scene. 

Natalie Sandtorv has already established herself as quite the stand-out artiste, and now presents to the world a neon-shimmering group with soulful beats and hyper-elastic genre-bending skills. 

The music is a type of pop that is new to Norway, with Sandtorv's agile and luscious vocals riding a wave of retro-RnB expression, where Thundercat meets Little Dragon, and it radiates quality and creative abundance. 



LASSEN - New Single - Ekstase tyvetyve

Scheduled to record their follow-up to 2018's "Eventyrer", Harald Lassen was set to lead his band to the studio. But then spring was cancelled. The world shut down.  But music, the internet and people have never been better friends than now. 

LASSEN have replaced those delayed studio sessions with the release of "Ekstase tyvetyve", recorded during the band's last rehearsal. 

It is a more subdued and patient form of ecstasy that the band conveys in 2020 in comparison to the 2018 version. "Ekstase tyvetyve" longs for what once was, but remains optimistic for what is yet to come. Relaxed, atmospheric and lyrical, with existential undertones. "The need to slow the pace feels urgent," Harald says of "Ekstase tyvetyve"


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