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Siril Malmedal Hauge - New Album - Slowly, Slowly

Siril Malmedal Hauge follows up her acclaimed album "Uncharted Territory" with a collection of songs that demonstrate she is an artist of astounding complexity and sophistication, musically adventurous without sacrificing the simple pleasures of traditional song forms, lyrically inquisitive and meditative, and vocals that drift and glide or soar and swoop according to the currents of the music.



Beady Belle - New Single - Lost

Funky soul backbeats, irresistible grooves, angelic harmonies and that perfect voice delivering emotional lyrics with absolute sincerity: it can only be Beady Belle.

This latest track consolidates Beady Belle's development thus far, and brings with it some new vibes that show her restless musical spirit is only intensifying its searches.


Håkon Kornstad Trio - New Single - Scetate

For their new single, the Håkon Kornstad Trio give us "Scetate", an interpretation of the piece by Pasquale Mario Costa (1887). Translated, "Scetate" means "Wake up", which is appropriate, not just to the idea of rising in the morning, or even the awakening of spring, but our sleepy-eyed emergence from a long period of shutdown, perhaps?


Maria Kannegaard Trio Win Norwegian Grammy!

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