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LILJA - New Single - In Your Arms

"In Your Arms" is part of LILJA's "Mirage" project, which was nominated for the Norwegian Grammy. The song is written over a rhythm that Brazilian percussionist Celio de Carvalho grew up with. The music was written by LILJA, in collaboration with Sofie Tollefsbøl and Erlend Mokkelbost. It is about surrendering to love; both the "big", the "small", and to life itself.


Maridalen - New Album - Gressholmen

For their third album, Maridalen changed their recording space from the wooden church in the scenic valley of Maridalen, just north of Oslo, and from which they take their name, to the island of Gressholmen, 10 minutes from the Oslo harbor. "Gressholmen" the album once again exploits, enriches, and enlarges their unique trio sound, derived from three monophonic instruments - double bass, saxophone and trumpet - creating music possessed of clarity and intimacy, a unique minimalism that never feels sparse or threadbare or overstretched.



Torun Eriksen - New Single - Ha Feste

The first single, taken from the forthcoming album "Fastlandet" (releases April 12th), her 7th for Jazzland Recordings. Marking some firsts for Torun, who has one of the most distinctive voices in the Scandinavian scene, this release is her first in Norwegian rather than English, and is the first as a trio, featuring Kjetil Dalland on bass, and Alessandra Bossa on keys.


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