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You Should Have Been There - Billy Meier - Lassen Eventyrer Remix

No. 4 of 4

 Futuristic space jazz band Billy Meier, synthesized from highly progressive musicians at the forefront of the Norwegian jazz-, pop,- and folk scenes. Their mysterious and bedazzling live shows featuring disco ball helmets, cosmic dance moves and diverse props has become a ”must see” in the Oslo underground scene of Oslo. Billy Meier has remixed "You Should Have Been There" from LASSEN's album "Eventyrer". This is the fourth of four single releases, all four of which will appear in a compilation album titled "Remix-Eventyr".


Life: Live at Røverstaden - Knut Reiersrud Band

40 years on, and Knut Reiersrud has returned to the place where it all started. Along with his band, two of the capital's best sound engineers and a camera crew of five he filled the basement room in Munkedamsveien with people and electric guitars.

 The place: known as Club7 in the 70s and 80s, now under the moniker Røverstaden: this was where Reiersrud had his first professional gig. The concert in June 1979 was such a success that the club employed him as a standby act for when booked bands failed to appear for whatever reason. Knut could always find people, and he had hundreds of blues songs filling his 18 year old head.



You Should Have Been There - Bendik Baksaas - Lassen Eventyrer Remix

No. 3 of 4

The third remix of a track from Lassen's "Eventyrer", this time a beautiful piece of work by electronics wizard (and no stranger to Jazzland) Bendik Baksaas. "You Should Have Been There": it's time to go there now!


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