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New Album - Basement Music - Viktor Skokic Sextett

After having collaborated with many of the most renowned musicians on the Swedish jazz scene, finally Viktor takes the leap and releases music under his own name. The music has been crafted in a basement in Hornstull, Stockholm where the process has been characterized by great care of detail. 

"The music demanded that I put myself in a kind of receptive calm in the space between life with a baby daughter and late jazz gigs. It was a challenge requiring focus and reflection", says Viktor.



New Single - Bagamoyo- Lilja

Over the last few years, I have been travelling to work with local musicians all over the world. I have performed with raga musicians in India and Nepal, with circus artists in Ethiopia, with gnawa musicians in Morocco and Palestinians in a refugee camp in Lebanon. I have played with jazz musicians in New York, Paris and Reykjavik and folk musicians in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. 

To share the impressions and cultural treasures from these journeys, I decided to compose ten pieces of music, one for each place I have visited. 

Bagamoyo is a small fishing town on the coast of Tanzania, where I stayed for some weeks to create a show with musicians and dancers from Norway and East-Africa. One of the musicians I met there was Fadhilee from Kenya, who is a guest artist on this track.


New Album - Snow Catches on her Eyelashes - Eivind Aarset & Jan Bang

In turbulent times, we need new stories. With «Snow catches on her Eyelashes», we find ten such stories in musical form, created by the duo Eivind Aarset (guitar, bass, electronics) and Jan Bang (programming, samples, editing).



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