This Is Not About You - Johan Lindvall Trio

With THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU, the Johan Lindvall Trio continues its work within the jazz tradition. The dream continues. What does it really mean to dream of jazz? Yes, it may be a bit about nostalgia or about finding a kind of personal doorway into a tradition. Because even though the concept can be questioned, jazz exists, lives and develops. The trio's first album NO CITY, NO TREE, NO LAKE (2019) received rave reviews and was mentioned in Dagsavisen by Espen Løkeland as: “(...) a smacker of an album. One of the best so far this year. ” 
THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU could be about an ended love affair. The title hints at this, alludes to a desire to move on, or to an ongoing longing that does not necessarily have to be rooted in reality. 

Fantasies about escaping and doing everything again. Doing everything right. Having a second chance. 
If the debut NO CITY, NO TREE, NO LAKE was a kind of declaration of love for the brighter sides of jazz, THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU moves gently towards somewhat darker aspects. There is something a little more serious in the expression - a reflection - but without the joy of the interaction disappearing. 

[ Although the band's name is JOHAN LINDVALL TRIO, the trio underline the fact that each member's value is equal. No one is more important than anyone else. This is important for the trio: the idea of ​​democratic interaction. The trio knows that a band name that was not directly linked to the pianist would have been more favorable to get the message across, but band names are difficult. Will almost never be quite right. Maybe it was just the trio's imagination that was not enough ... Maybe we'll never have enough! ... and so on. 

And, after all, it is JOHAN LINDVALL who writes almost all the music. ] (On THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU there is a song written by KAREN O.) 
ADRIAN MYHR plays bass and ANDREAS SKÅR WINTHER plays drums. The trio stick together. It is important to continue to develop and grow together.