Sharqant - Sharqant

Sharqant release their eponymous debut on OKWorld Records! 

Founded by Manar Alhashemi, the group met with Knut Reiersrud and Håkon Kornstad in Bergen, and recorded over a two day session. 

The majority of songs are based on Egyptian, Iranian and Syrian texts and melodies, some of which are well-known standards in Arabic cultures. One track, "Kråkevise", is Norwegian, and another, "Friheten", is an ensemble improvisation. The group dynamics flow and unfold evenly, undulating rather than soaring and diving, working with tension and release in a fluid rather than solid angular way. 

Various musical forms are explored, group improvisation expands and elaborates the various themes, and the blending of Nordic with Middle Eastern elements is seamless and unobtrusive. Acoustic instrumentation and electronics interweave with care. The album creates its own evocative atmosphere, a sonic space into which the listener can travel on an inner journey, one filled with much to behold and at which to marvel. 


Manar Alhashemi (Guitar) 
Hassan Albadri (Oud) 
Mouhammad Fadel Kuj (Percussion) 
Mouhammad Almajzoub (Voice) 
Håkon Kornstad (Saxophone / Voice) 
Knut Reiersrud (Guitar, Bass) 

Recorded in the Havnelageret studio, 
Bergen 27 - 28 September 2019 
Sound engineer: Daniel Birkeland 
Mixed and mastered by Daniel Birkeland 
Photo: Lene Midling Jenssen 
Cover design: Rune Mortensen