Remix-Eventyrer - Lassen

Who would have thought that a jazz band that played their first concert at a BDSM club in Bergen in 2017 was going to release one of the most featured Norwegian jazz albums, "Eventyrer", in 2018 and then end up on several of the year's best lists? LASSEN has the habit of not being like everyone else, finding different pathways and gradually shifting the limits of what jazz can be and particularly how it can be presented and communicated. 2019 is no exception. 

With their new upcoming album "Remix-Eventyrer", the band has looked to its rich network and invited techno producers, indie musicians, characters and space jazz people to interpret the music from "Eventyrer". Not the usual daily routine in the jazz world, but who can object to recycled and sustainable music!? 

Øyvind Mathisen - "Kulturrus" 
Øyvind Mathisen's producer CV is infinitely long, but it is worth mentioning Nils Bech, Gundelach, Cezinando, Fay Wildhagen and Ary. And not least Nils Bech's SKAM version of "O helga Natt". 

Finn Grythe - "Lila Eule" (live) 
Finn Grythe is. But nobody knows who Finn Grythe really is. 
The underground musician has gained access to a terrific live recording of the LASSEN which plays the song 'Lila Eule' retrieved from "Eventyrer". 

Bendik Baksas - "You Should Have Been There" 

It is impossible to ignore Bendik Baksaas if you talk about the Scandinavian electronics / techno scene. With his eccentric yet catchy style, he has found his place somewhere in-between the club and art music scenes. He is perhaps best known for his close collaboration with poet Fredrik Høyer. 

Billy Meier - "You Should Have Been There"

Futuristic space jazz band Billy Meier, synthesized from highly progressive musicians at the forefront of the Norwegian jazz-, pop,- and folk scenes. Their mysterious and bedazzling live shows featuring disco ball helmets, cosmic dance moves and diverse props has become a "must see" in the Oslo underground scene of Oslo. 

Kim Dürbeck – "Min By" 

Kim Dürbeck. DJ. Producer. Live musician. Endowed with a sense of space and structure that goes far beyond standard "ambient" music, Kim has been building a solid reputation and a sterling back catalogue of music. Like most young musicians, he regards genres as casual definitions rather than distinctly cordoned-off zones, and his output is filled with hybrids and chimeras. 

Anja Lauvdal – "Det er dette som er meninga" 

Anja Lauvdal is fast becoming one of the most ubiquitous musicians in the Norwegians scene (appearing with Moskus, Broen, Skrap and Finity, alongside other collaborations). Her approach is entirely organic, working more like natural mutation than forced experimentation.