Ocean Currents - Lauritz Skeidsvoll | Quite A View

In the project "Quite a View", meditative drones and powerful, expressive melodies meet in open and sonorous landscapes. In collaboration with researcher of acoustics at the Norwegian Polar Institute, Heidi Ahonen, I have worked on using sound recordings from below the sea surface. These recordings are sound recordings made by researchers and contain both sounds from a wide wildlife, ice and masses in motion and not least human activity that creates noise. 

With strong inspiration from the wildlife in the sea, ocean currents and elements from the world of film music, Quite a View is a unique project with large dynamic variables, timbres and moods. The project's musicians are hand-picked on the basis of their unique musical personalities, who all help to shape "Quite a View's" distinctiveness and uniqueness. 

Today, we unfortunately see a great loss of the planet's biological diversity, partly due to human activity and pollution. The sum of this has aroused strong feelings in me, which has ended in a melting pot of inspiration and give to composing this music. 

The contrast between the beautiful and the fragile, from calm to desperation are examples of images that are reflected in the music's expression. 

For this debut album, I have composed music that is inspired by life in the sea, and the challenges of nature when it comes to the loss of biological diversity and climate change. This is a concept that I plan to further develop for many years to come. The plan is to use different natural landscapes as inspiration, for the respective albums. Sea, rainforest, polar landscapes, mountains and plateaus. I will also retrieve information, images and audio files from these landscapes, in the same way as I have done while working on "Ocean currents". 

The album "Ocean Currents" consists of 7 compositions, where the tracks merge seamlessly into each other. This is to give the listener an experience of being part of a coherent, pictorial journey through different landscapes, where one can dream away. 

- Lauritz Skeidsvoll 


released August 19, 2022 

Recorded in Athletic Sound, Halden 
Sound engineer: Dag Erik Johansen 
Mixed by Dag Henning Kalvøy 

Peder Skeidsvoll - Trumpet 
Lauritz Skeidsvoll - saxophones / composition / arr 
Fride Nøstdahl Hjelle - Piano 
Torstein Slåen - Guitar 
Henrik Sandstad Dalen - Bass 
Steinar Mossige - Drums