Logical Fallacies - Scheen Jazzorkester

Since the founding of the Scheen Jazz Orchestra, Jon Øystein Rosland has composed and arranged for the orchestra. There have been a number of individual works and in 2016 came the commissioned work "Tamanoar", comprising 10 songs. "Tamanoar" was recorded in Rainbow Studios and released on Losen Records, and the release garnered many rave reviews from home and abroad. 

Now a new commissioned work is ready: "Logical Fallacies". The work contains energetic songs that range from the very delicate to groovy and catchy melodies. The music was recorded and filmed in the Artilleriverkstedet in Horten, and the concert film premiered on NRK2 on 11th June 2021. 

Scheen Jazzorkester (SJO) was started in 2010 as a professional jazz orchestra based in Skien. The band has since managed to establish itself as a strong voice on the Norwegian and European jazz scene, and is today Sørnorsk Jazzsenter's regional large ensemble. SJO has 8 critically acclaimed albums to its credit, and the predecessor to "Logical Fallacies", "As We See It…" was released last year on the renowned Clean Feed Records label. The band consists of 12 musicians with a background in both jazz and classical music, and this gives the band a distinctive and multifaceted expression that ranges from classical contemporary music through to orchestral approaches to European chamber jazz.