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Mosambique - Brand New Album - Big City Moves

The Brand new album from Mosambique, high octane jazzfunk for the feet and the brain. Loaded with enough energy to power a city indefinitely, and enough chops, chills, thrills and spills to send you spinning through their melodic universe, Mosambique grab their grooves and run with them.



Finity - New Album - We Are The Granddaughters of The Witches You Didn't Burn

Young powerhouse Finity present their Jazzland debut "We Are The Granddaughters of The Witches You Didn't Burn", a sometimes fractured, often fractious, ball-busting high octane mix of musical styles and genres. This is jazz from the cosmos colliding with pre-internet postmodernism and an anticipated post-internet social decimation where the good guys won. Best listened to LOUD with a fist thrust in the air.


18.mars - Oslo, Kafé Hærverk 

19.mars - Bergen, Landmark 

21.mars - Molde, Storyville 

22.mars - Trondheim, Lokal Bar


RYMDEN- New Album - Reflections and Odysseys

While Bugge Wesseltoft is a musician with a keen appreciation of music wherever it comes from, and the unity among people that music can bring, he also appreciates music as an expression of an identity. His championing of the cause of "European Jazz as its own art form" sees him return to the piano trio format with the Swedish rhythm section consisting of Magnus Öström and Dan Berglund. READ MORE  ...


Where to buy "Reflections & Odysseys":

BandcampFNAC (France)Amazon (France)Cultura (France)  / Phonica Records (UK) Juno (UK) Amazon (UK)  /  Resident (UK)  / Rough Trade (UK)  /  Edel (Germany) Amazon (Japan)Hive (UK) How HD (UK) Amazon (Germany) Bengans (Sweden) Big Dipper (Norway) / CDGO (CD - Portugal) / CDGO (Vinyl - Portugal) / FNAC (CD - Portugal) / FNAC (Vinyl - Portugal)

 Available on Vinyl, CD and Electronic Download

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