Knut Hamsun's Victoria - Jan Bang, Erik Honoré, Gaute Storaas, & Arve Henriksen

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The soundtrack to the successful new film by Torun Lian, featuring Jan Bang, Erik Honoré, Gaute Storaas, & Arve Henriksen

“Victoria” soundtrack available now: Jan Bang, Erik Honoré, Gaute Storaas and Arve Henriksen have composed the music for "Victoria", based on Knut Hamsun’s novel. The film is directed by Torun Lian (“Bare skyer beveger stjernene”, “Frida med hjertet i hånden”) and the main actors are Jakob Oftebro, Iben Akerlie and Bill Skarsgård. The compositions, ranging from outright originals to transtemporal reimaging of Schubert, are evocative, haunting, never over-imposing on the listener; yet, unlike many film scores, are an utter joy to listen to independently of the film. Gaute Storaas's orchestration of the score is beautifully executed, and features Tigran Hamasyan often taking the centrestage on piano, while the Bratislave Symphony Orchestra adds a spellbinding touch that renders the music timeless.
Jan Bang: Samples, Programming
Erik Honoré: Samples, Synthesizer, Programming
Arve Henriksen: Trumpet, Vocals, Synthesizer
Tigran Hamasyan: Piano
Robert Jürjendal: Guitar
Bratislava Symphony Orchestra
David Hernando: Rico Conductor
Gaute Storaas: Orchestrations
Lars brenli: Assistant

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