Eight Seasons - Mari Boine

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A magnificent album from the Sami songstress, featuring Bugge Wesseltoft

Her first album for Minneapolis-based Scandinavian music label Northside, Boine appears to be newly enthused, with fellow Norwegian and highly acclaimed keyboard and production innovator Bugge Wesseltoft on hand to create a new sound full of her passionate and otherworldly vocals that move into evocative arrangements tinged with jazz influence and electronic programming.


Avoiding the pitfalls of electro-acoustic cross over music Boine and Wesseltoft’s musicianship lifts this album well beyond the realms of new age cliché. Using a mix of languages, both traditional vocalese non-verbal sounds and modern vocal styles she creates a mesmerizing blend of expressive sounds with her voice.


Conjuring the icy atmosphere of a wind whipping across mountain tops Boine’s elemental approach to her music on the expansive ‘Mu Váibmu Vádjul Doppe’ is typical of her unique mix of indigenous and modern sounds. Able to access the power of 20th century protest songs while adding the ethereal elements of jazz courtesy of Jan Garbarek’s haunting sax that matches Boine’s overwhelmingly emotive vocals the effect transcends categorization to become a precious elemental force.


Despite the modern production techniques used here it’s Boine’s Sami roots that keep a warm beating heart at the centre of this album traveling the musical tundra of the wilds of northern Scandinavia. The bluesy ‘Duottar Rássi’ shows another side of her abilities, while the lengthy ‘Silba Várjala’ is at the centre piece of this stunning record. With atmospheric sounds and samples layered next to Boine's voice, with floating wails of guitar, and the bubbling electro beats all create an utterly individual musical world.

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