Go' Natt - Various Artists

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"Go' Natt" - an album for children, performed by mothers!

Growing from the idea to have different singers who were mothers sing their own versions of a lullaby, "Go' Natt" has become a beautiful album of 12 songs in Norwegian from six of the finest singers working today.
Live Maria Roggen, Torun Eriksen, Beate S Lech, Solveig Slettahjell, Kari Bremnes and Silje Nergaard present two songs each, and the unity achieved is truly remarkable. Beginning with Beate S. Leche's "Min Engel", it is clear from the outset that this is something truly special.
They have brought to the album songs that they sing to their children, whether self-composed or traditional, yet the album is suffused with a spirit and a warmth rarely heard recorded, and even more rarely in multi-artist projects of this kind.
With each singer coming from different areas, both geographically and musically, the diversity of the album's content is unquestionable. Yet the sentiments behind each performance speak to something deeper, something that we can all understand either from the perspective of child or mother. 
The album offers some beatiful arrangements, demonstrating the craft of the singers involved, as well as the performances of the musicians (Marius Reksjø, Bugge Wesseltoft, and Tommy Kristiansen), alongside some very special guests.
Although the album could be billed as an album for children, it is clear that something this special has a universal appeal.

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